Top cop to stress on technology, training

New city police commissioner Raghavendra Auradkar is drawing up plans to not only raise the standards of training intelligence personnel, but also bringing the latest technology into policing, as it can help in combating crime.

Participating in a ‘Meet the Press’ programme organised by Bangalore Press Club and Bangalore Reporters Guild on Friday, Auradkar admitted that the intelligence wing was depending on open sources like the media to gather information.

“The information gathered by intelligence sleuths is often already known to ordinary people. I have personally found that the staff of the intelligence wing lack the strength and ability to face current challenges. I have reviewed the working of the wing, and found that more professionalism is needed. So I have requested the state intelligence chief to organise better training for sleuths”, he said.

The city has about 16,000 police personnel for a population of one crore people, Auradkar said, adding that it is the lowest strength as compared with other metro cities in the country.

He said there are about 2,500 vacancies in the police department, and it would take at least two years to deploy the personnel for policing even if recruitment happens now. Use of technology in crime prevention and maintenance of law and order is the need of the hour. “I will ensure that the force is used to the optimum level, with a combination of technology and professional training,” he added.

No nightlife extension
Auradkar said he was not ready to extend the 11.30 pm deadline for nightlife in the city, considering the current strength of the police force. Police presence should be more if the nightlife deadline is to be extended.


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