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Be careful while walking on the road, Come before getting dark, with whom who you are going? These are the punch line which a girl has to listen everyday whether she is educated, doing job or anything. We live in the 21st century still why every girl has to listen this. We say that our country is progressing than why only girl has to listen this, why only she has to suffer. The parents say this not because they want their daughter to progress but because of increasing crime. They feel that their daughters are not safe outside. [1]With the development of the country, crime is also developing. Everyday newspaper is filled with crime like rape, murder, stalking, and eveteasing, molestation, acid attack. So it is their parents’ care which deters them not to send their girls out. But how long, how long girls have to face this. Everyday news laws are formed but what use if they are not implemented properly. If you want to see how hard a stone is, see the life of a girl.Everygirl from birth till her death has to face a lot of hardship whether she belong from upper class of society or lower class of society and it’s true lower class has to suffer more since they can’t avail much facilities. Moreover increasing crimes of dowry also put pressure on girl’s parents and because of all this in spite of so much of development parents consider their daughter burden on them, so society is not progressing. There many laws have been formed for the prohibition of dowry, for probhition of crime but how much this is effective is the question mark. Recently criminal amendment bill has been formed in 2013 after Justice Verma committee. It’s only about 16 Dec Nirbhaya case which urges the people to bring about change in the law. In the new Criminal amendment bill 2013 many crimes has been added like stalking, eve teasing. Crimes like rape, murder, acid attack, voyeurism where punishment has been made more stringent. [2]The word rape has been replaced with sexual assault in Section 375 of IPC .In this punishment will be imprisonments not less than seven years but it can extend to imprisonments for life, and shall also be liable to fine. In addition to this, a new section, 376A has been added which states that if a person committing the offence of sexual assault which cause the death of the person or cause the person to be in a persistent vegetative state shall be punished with rigorous imprisonment for a term not less than twenty years but it can extend life imprisonment and same punishment has been given in gang rape and also compensation expenses and rehabilitation of victim. But are these punishments sufficient enough? Rapist not only kills the body but also to the soul. Sometimes it so happen that many rich people through their power and money many escape from punishments and put all the blames on girls and she has to suffer throughout her life. So it should be taken care that judgments should not be come under any influence.  Now a day’s acid attack are also rampant, though there is no special law for acid attack but it dealt under IPC under section 320.Section 325,326 also dealt with acid attacks. A great effort has been done when stalking and eveteasing, voyeurism has also been inserted in the new bill so that strict punishment can be given to perpetrators. These days stalking is increasing at rapid rate. In a layman language [3]stalking means when a person repeatedly follow you, watches you making you feeling uncomfortable or unsafe. Reasons for this may be to take revenge, control or to having sexual intimacy with the victim. It can be done either by strangers or by known people you might have met once. This kind of activity makes the victims feel unsafe; unsecure.  So forming law is not just enough but execution is also important and even in a strict manner. So these strict punishments prevent crime to some extent. When crime rate increasing at this faster rate than parents also feels burden, they have to take extra care for their protection of their daughter and as result many consider their daughter as burden. Another kind of a crime which a woman has to tackle is Eve-teasing. It is something where every woman had faced in her life once or the other. It can be of any kind like lewd remarks, cat calls, pinching, outstretching their hands to reach the private parts. It can be happen at any place like bus stop, theatre, colleges and schools. In a country like India with a huge population, the matter of eve teasing is simply ignored. Many a times some bold girls slap man in front of everyone to give them a lesson because of all these reasons women avoid walking in dark lanes or deserted areas. So very first step one should do is that boys from the very beginning should be taught to respect girls. Now even government has come forward and has put the eve teasing in sexual assault and even has punishment and imposed penalty. Another trouble which women have to face is dowry case. Parents with great happiness marries their daughter with a man with a belief that man and his family will keep their daughter happy but sometimes their belief turned out to be false, the man and his family will torcher the girl to bring money or other items from their home, and these cases are seen in almost all strata of society, no matter whether they belong from upper class of society or lower class of society. Even many marriages take place only in exchange of money where girls family has to give money to grooms family, then only marriage take place and this is known as dowry. These days there are many dowry cases are coming up. Rob Jackson has rightly said, “All marriage are sacred but not all are safe”.

Though many laws has been formed for the prohibition of dowry but how strictly these are formed can be easily seen in the society by increasing [4]dowry case.Even a section in IPC is also there which dealt with dowry which is under section 304B where the death of woman is caused by any burns or bodily injury than under normal circumstances within seven year of marriages and her death is soon before some sort of cruelty or harassments in relation of any demand of dowry, then in that case it is dowry death where the husband and relatives are responsible for the death. Even the dowry prohibition act 1961 is formed which is for the protection of women. [5]One woman dies every hour due to dowry on an average in the country. These are not the minor problem in fact theses are such issues which immediately need to be catered because of these are the issues which deter the country from progress. It cannot be solved by the government or by forming new laws. It can be solved by changing the mindset of the person. People have to change their thinking, they have to understand that girl’s parents also have to spend good amount of money in girls education and in-laws have to understand that if woman is educated than only a house will progress and development will take place.

The correct way to solve the problem is Education, nurturing the feeling of respect for the woman, counseling and many other things but the key is the Education. Children from the early initial stage should be educated, sex education should be introduced in syllabus so that when they are in teenage, it would not fascinate them much and they would understand that everything has the correct time and the correct way. This education will help them even in their older age. The feeling of respect for the woman should be developed among youths. Government should take initiatives to impart sex education even in slums area and should teach how woman’s are so important part of one’s life and so one should respect them and not to be considered as an object. Respect is something which cannot be taught, if one understand the woman, they would definitely respect them from their heart. Facilities of counseling has also been provided whenever one need for that and most importantly thinking of the patriarchal thinking of society needed to be changed, they should need to understand the woman, they are not the just the object of amusement. So not only the bill but much more initiative is needed to take the control of the crime against woman. As far as for the safety of the woman, some precautions need to be taken by woman, and though women should have all the rights and freedoms but they should also remain conscious. Many a time women bear a lot, she just kept quite because of the image, getting defamed but now it is high time where women should raise voice. They should not tolerate now. They can freely avail the facilities given by the government and NGOs, must encourage and should raise voice and lodge complaint. Now the time is not to remain silent but to revolt and redress.




C.H. MCCOID (1989) dowry deaths in India: a materialistic analysis” central Missouri state university


[5] Hackett, michell (2011) “ domestic violence against women: statistical analysis of crime across the india


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