Peepoo Disposable Toilet Can Be Used as Fertilizer

The Peepoo disposable toilet could help alleviate the sanitation problems of urban slums in the developing world by allowing the waste to be easily disposed and used as fertilizer.

The biodegradable Peepoo bag is designed for urban slum dwellers who frequently have no clean toilet source, and instead catch their waste in plastic bags. Even though urban slums are densely populated, many of them have some open space—and it is these spaces the bags were created to fill. The Peepoo bags are made of completely biodegradable plastic and are equipped with a small funnel that can fold out for use. Each bag also contains six grams of urea, which helps to break down the waste and create fertilizer.

Anders Wilhelmson, the creator of the Peepoo bags, believes that by incorporating a method already in use, the bags represent more of a bottom-up approach to providing a sanitation alternative to people in developing nation.


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