Consentia on Medical Jurisprudence


Medical jurisprudence is the application of medical science to legal problems. It is typically involved in cases concerning blood relationship, mental illness, injury, or death resulting from violence. Autopsy is often used to determine the cause of death, particularly in cases where foul play is suspected. Post-mortem examination can determine not only the immediate agent of death (e.g. gunshot wound, poison), but may also yield important contextual information, such as how long the person has been dead, which can help trace the killing. Forensic medicine has also become increasingly important in cases involving rape. Modern techniques use such specimens as semen, blood, and hair samples of the criminal found in the victim’s bodies, which can be compared to the defendant’s genetic makeup through a technique known as DNA fingerprinting; this technique may also be used to identify the body of a victim. The establishment of serious mental illness by a licensed psychologist can be used in demonstrating incompetence to stand trial, a technique which may be used in the insanity defense, albeit infrequently.

Topics under Medical Jurisprudence:

         Medical Negligence and Consumer Protection Act

         HIV and AIDS: Legal and Ethical Implications

         Human Rights and Torture Medicine

         Medico-Legal Aspects of Death

         Brain-stem Death and Transplantation of Human Organ Act

         Post-mortem Examination

         Sexual Offences

Or any topic relating to Medical Field.


Fees for Publication

Academicians, lawyers, scholars, etc. – Rs.1200

Student: Rs.500

In case of Co-Authorship, the publication fee would be Rs.700.


The essay must be written in English.

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The paper should be original work of the authors and should not have been published in any form or manner before. Researchers Club will not be responsible for any claims made by any parties regarding copyright infringements in the works submitted by authors.


The participant should send his/her essay as an attachment in .doc format with subject “Research Paper on Medical Jurisprudence” –

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Each paper must be accompanied by a declaration to the effect that it has not been published, submitted, or accepted for publication elsewhere. All original works submitted for this Journal shall assign their copyright to Researchers Club, which shall become the sole proprietor of the works submitted.


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In case if you are using the graphs, tables and figures in the paper. Also attach photo of the particular item to the email with the paper.

NOTE: It is advised that Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (19th edition) be followed.



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