Jesus turned water into wine for a reason: UK vicar applies for alcohol licence

According to reports, many churches in the UK have already been converted into pubs owing to the decline in religious followers.

Ever heard about a religious place asking for a liquor licence? Well, if not then here it is. A vicar of UK church has reportedly applied for an alcohol licence and his reason by it is just brilliant — “We believe Jesus turned water into wine for a reason.”

Father Tom Plant, vicar of St Michael’s Church in Camden, north London, is currently waiting to hear from Camden Council if they have accepted the application.

Plant has elaborate plans to put the church on the “cultural map”. He has set up a bar and a stage with fully equipped lights and sounds to entertain about 300 people. In a report by The Telegrah, UK the Father assured to the community that the 19th century church was not going to be ruined by those who would attend the performance. “We’re not precious about the floor – St Michael’s is a glorious place but it is faded glory,” he said. The report added that the vicar has plans to open the church four nights a week for gigs, complete with bouncers on the door.

The 37-year-old pastor — a fan of US rockers Nine Inch Nails — reassuringly added, “The windows are too high to get smashed and we’re not talking here about metal gigs and a mosh pit.”

The super-cool vicar does not believe there should be any shame attached to moderate alcohol consumption. “It’s not a place to come and get drunk, but we’re not a church that shies away from alcohol,” he was quoted in the report.

Following the pastor’s unique application, locals from the community raised concerns about the church getting transformed into a pub. However, according to a Business Insider report, there has been a trend of converting old churches into pubs or clubs. The report said, “Thanks to a steady decline in religion and the high costs of maintaining these historic buildings, a rising number of churches are being given new lives that may have horrified their founders.” Even strong policy has not been able to stop conversions from throwing up a few embarrassments for the Church of England.



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