The Election Commission of India is an independent constitutional body which is introduced by Constitution itself. How far it is true in real practice is a matter of serious concern. Recently, by the efforts of Union people of Civil Liberties, right to reject beg to the Indians but as the same way the authenticity of the machine for voting is need to testify. In fact, is the NATO serves it’s expected result or not is the issue of debate. At the same time the attack on political Rallies by some anti-social elements gather attention and sense of security of voters who are probably the common people of India. India being a democratic set up Nation has been witness of several elections and reform thereof. The term democracy does not remain limited to conduct of free election and fair election periodically but demands that, the political parties contesting election therein should show a degree of transparent democracy for the citizen, in order to create faith on political justice for civilians. The use of explosive substance at the time of election and for political goal is common thing in India. The attack on civilization of Mumbai in 26/11 by outsiders .Recently the incidence of Hunkar Rally by Narendra Modi in Patna and Deadly naxals attack on one Congress leader by Naxals and deadly attack on police officials on 19th November 2013 in Chhattisgarh again proves that the use of explosive substances are ridiculously use without any hindrance. The question always creates curiosity about why this is happened? Who is behind it? Who may be target of such deadly attack? Where from the substances generated? Why security measured not properly taken?

About the Author

Name: Pankaj P. Umbarkar

Researcher is (Ph.D.) scholar and working as faculty in MATS University, Raipur. Any suggestion, comment or criticism is welcomed at Thoughts expressed and analysis made in this article is meant only for academic and research and does not intended to influence or impose upon any thought process or ideology. For any references usual caveat of author apply. Expression in this article is based on the personal perception of the Author of and shall not be construed, or attribution to any ideology or agenda.

DECLARATION: This Paper has also been published on SRRN website without ISSN. So with due permission of the author Researchers Club is providing this Paper with ISSN.



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