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The surplus of society can be judge by the position of the child and woman. Child is considered to the pillar of nation.Malnutrition is a by word in the forested hills of the Melghat region inhabited mostly by Korku Adivasis. Every year 400-500 children between the ages of 0 and 6 die in the region, comprising Chikhaldhara and Dharni taluks, according to official figures from 2005. Melghat tiger reserve is located in Amravati district in Central India. It is 25 km from Chikaldhara a hill resort in the south Satpura range also known as Gavilgarh Hills. It is 760 km north east of Mumbai and 225 km west of Nagpur. This reserve has 80 tigers which are spread over 1,674 sq km of vast area. They live mostly in the inner parts of the reserve which are hardly accessible.Melghat tiger reserve was established as wildlife sanctuary in 1967 and was declared as Tiger reserve in 1974. Its rugged terrain and rocky ravines provide natural protection from the poachers. River Tapi is the northern boundary of the reserve. One can see tigers, sloth bear and flying squirrels apart from monkeys and other fauna. The reserve is home to 2,000 gaur the second largest in India. Melghat is stunning with natural scenic beauty. The Maharashtra region is one of the richest and Natures gift in the form of Melghat. The cultural heritages and beauty of Nature is no doubt attract the attention of visitors but simultaneously feel sorrow by seeing the verse situation of the well-known Nation on the map of world where the right to life and dignity hardly prevail on such social evils like malnutrition. It was horrible when In September 2011, in reply to a PIL, the state told the Bombay High Court that 14,500 children in Melghat are malnourished and that 266 had died in the last 4 months. Interestingly, Melghat has 320 villages, but what’s baffling is as an RTI reveals that there are 370 NGOs registered in the area. With the stated purpose of battling malnutrition come huge funds, big donors. The violation of basic human right can easily been seen through one eyes and hence involve  attention from the society. The present research paper prepared in order to considering the aspect of right to food of those tiger who resides along with the real Tiger but with starvation.

About the Author

Name: Pankaj P. Umbarkar and Priyanka Mohod

Researcher is (Ph.D.) scholar and working as faculty in MATS University, Raipur. Any suggestion, comment or criticism is welcomed at Thoughts expressed and analysis made in this article is meant only for academic and research and does not intended to influence or impose upon any thought process or ideology. For any references usual caveat of author apply. Expression in this article is based on the personal perception of the Author of and shall not be construed, or attribution to any ideology or agenda.

DECLARATION: This Paper has also been published on SRRN website without ISSN. So with due permission of the author Researchers Club is providing this Paper with ISSN.

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