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Consentia on Multidisciplinary Research : Part III

Multi- (or pluri-) and interdisciplinary research are often used interchangeably , but originally they referred to different approaches. When experts from different fields work together on a common subject within the boundaries of their own discipline, they are said to adopt a multidisciplinary approach. However, if they stick to these boundaries they may reach a point where the project cannot progress any further. They will then have to bring themselves to the fringes of their own fields to form new concepts and ideas–and create a whole new, interdisciplinary field. A transdisciplinary team is an interdisciplinary team whose members have developed sufficient trust and mutual confidence to transcend disciplinary boundaries and adopt a more holistic approach. Continue reading “Consentia on Multidisciplinary Research : Part III”

Consentia on Medical Jurisprudence


Medical jurisprudence is the application of medical science to legal problems. It is typically involved in cases concerning blood relationship, mental illness, injury, or death resulting from violence. Autopsy is often used to determine the cause of death, particularly in cases where foul play is suspected. Continue reading “CALL FOR PAPERS ON MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE | ISSN : 2347-9922”