Singapore celebrates Diwali with this beautiful themed train!

Festivals bring people together, and keeping that spirit alive, the transport authority in Singapore has joined in on the Diwali celebrations in a unique way. This year, Singapore’s famous Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) launched its first Diwali-themed train on October 15. In a series of pictures that were shared on the Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) Facebook page, one can see the decked up coaches with rangolis, diyas, festoons and the works. Continue reading “Singapore celebrates Diwali with this beautiful themed train!”

Consentia on Multidisciplinary Research



 Culture in itself is a broad term having its impact on almost every field that we can think about. Culture is no more restricted to the dresses and music authenticated to that region but have expanded its defining zone to the thinking of people, their behavior, the way they response in a situation etc. The culture has shown its effect not only in the lifestyle of a region but also on the governmental policies, the advancement of any science, the development of any firm, the national and international treaties of a country, the development of any country. Since culture is impacting so many diverse areas, its effect can also be seen in the advancement of Biotechnology in China and India. Continue reading “CULTURAL DIFFERENCES AFFECTING BIOTECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT IN CHINA AND INDIA”