Consentia On Multi-Disciplinary Research!

Multi- (or pluri-) and interdisciplinary research are often used interchangeably, but originally, they referred to different approaches. When experts from different fields work together on a common subject within the boundaries of their own discipline, they are said to adopt a multidisciplinary approach. Continue reading “Consentia On Multi-Disciplinary Research!”

Thinking Like A Lawyer!

The art of thinking like a lawyer.

It’s a form of swift reasoning, cool logic, effortless problem-solving skills and precision analysis that many non-lawyers wished they possessed in heated exchanges between partners, friends or colleagues. its’s a kind of calculated mental weaponry that shields you from unhelpful, inflammatory emotions while actively disarming your opponents with one slash of your sharp verbal blade. Continue reading “Thinking Like A Lawyer!”

Legal Internship Programme: International Bar Association

Intern positions are available for undergraduate law students, postgraduate law students, and newly qualified lawyers at the International Bar Association’s offices in London and Washington DC. Continue reading “Legal Internship Programme: International Bar Association”


“Institutions such as Tihar which are inhabited by thousands of people behind huge blind gates can be seen either by the inhabitants sent in by court orders or the few “privileged” persons in charge.”

During my internship in the Tihar jail in the month of December, 2013, I had the opportunity to observe the life of people inside the barricaded walls of one of the largest detention and correctional facilities in the world. I also had the opportunity to observe the various welfare schemes and their functioning in the Tihar Jail for the inmates and was pleasantly surprised. Continue reading “INDIAN PRISON SYSTEM : CASE STUDY OF TIHAR JAIL”