Friday Night Motivation!

Nothing about the title!

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Ten Ways To Guarantee Your Interviewer Won’t Forget You

The biggest problem job-seekers face after an initial job interview is the risk of being forgotten. Hiring managers have a lot on their minds. They can easily forget your conversation with them. They may have met seven to ten job candidates or more, sometimes in back-to-back interviews. Continue reading “Ten Ways To Guarantee Your Interviewer Won’t Forget You”

D-Day: A time to remember and learn from the past

Our country’s finest hour was its fight against Nazism. When we landed at Normandy with our allies and pushed forward against the enemy fire, it was a heroic gamble for victory. The price was 4,413 Allied soldiers killed – around a quarter of them British. But the prize was a beachhead in a war that would end with the liberation of Europe and the opportunity to build a better world.
The task of honouring such sacrifice is an immense one, but yesterday’s commemoration rose to the challenge. Barack Obama’s speech at Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial was interrupted by a standing ovation as he acknowledged the veterans around him. In his words, D-Day was a triumph of America’s democratic ideals. As his predecessor Franklin D Roosevelt put it, the US came “not for the lust of conquest. They [fought] to end conquest.”

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