Trial by media: An Indian Perception


We are living in a democratic state where freedom of speech and expression has been given to all. Freedom to Media has been regarded as a symbol of political liberty in this modern era. The framers of the constitution well realize this fact thereby Art 19(1)e give freedom to press.. Media is the forth pillar of democracy and serve a purpose of  ‘watchdog’ over the arbitrary actions of the government .Trail by media is an attempt of media to bring out the truth before the society however while doing so media several times has crossed it limits by declaring the person guilty before the actual verdict has been given. The pretrial decision has been creating an imbalance in the actual proceeding thereby several controversies has been created on role of media in past few years. Media has been condemned several times by judiciary for their pre trail judgments. Continue reading “Trial by media: An Indian Perception”

Consentia on International Law and Constitutional Law


“Only one thing is impossible for God: To find any sense in any copyright law on the planet.” -Mark Twain

The copyright is a unique Intellectual property right .It is the right that person acquires over a creative work which is result of his intellectual labor[1]. It protects the intellectual labor of a person creating the original work, known as author by ascertaining a protective rights over its further creations [2]. Copyrights protection finds its justification in fair play. When a person creates something that produces with his skill and labor then it belongs to him. Copyright have been bestowed upon the work if it has “sufficient judgment, skill, labor or capital”. It is immaterial whether it has any literal merit[3] . Copyright protect the skill and labor employed by the author in protection of work[4]. Continue reading “THE BOTTLE NECK DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FAIL DEALING AND COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT”